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United States Army Ordnance Museum

Address:   Aberdeen Proving Grounds, USA

Phone:  (410) 278-3602/2396


The particulars about this museum you can found at site of United States Army Ordnance Museum (visit reference).

The excibition of the museum is collected from samples of AFVs, taking place tests on range. On quantity of exhibits the museum is one of largest in the World, but their safety not so good. The exposition is outside a room.

Some exhibits of Army Ordnance Museum

"Heuschrecke" "Jagdtiger" "KV-1"
PzKpfw IV lang "15 cm sFH auf sfl Lorraine" "Vickers Medium Mk II"
Vickers Mk VI PzKpfw IV with gydrotransmission "T-34-76"

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Foto credits J.Kinnear, S.Damson

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